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140916 TTS showcase

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 Lee Hyeri everyone.

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140906 Younhacast - 140904 Turn Up the Radio - Younha

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It’s like my heart
Has fallen into a mysterious magic spell

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official 'AND&END' jacket images | ccm

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But finally, finally, I have learned to breakfree. (c)

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On my side of the world, it’s starting to feel like early fall: the sun’s intense grip seems to have weakened as it comes up later and sets earlier, and the stragglers in the monarch butterfly migration are leaving Midwestern milkweeds for warmer climes. The corn’s not ready for harvest yet, but it will be soon; you can see the ears starting to brown at the bottom of the stalks. The cicadas, like me, are in denial about the end of summer, and they buzz from the trees as if to protest the nightly temperature dips below fifty degrees.

I wasn’t ready - none of us were ready - for the tragic season change this week in the world of kpop. Many of us participate in kpop fandom as a sort of escape valve from our daily stressors; when we can’t find it elsewhere, our favorite idols offer inspiration to dream big and work hard in spite of the obstacles we face. For many fans, kpop (even with all its problematic elements and the stress it places on those who work in the industry) provides an emotional summertime, a space for youthful play and small-scale rejuvenation away from our usual grind. But the tragic loss of Ladies’ Code’s members EunBi and RiSe this week has brought the fragility of this perpetual summer into focus. Kpop is real life, and real life includes death - even, sometimes, for those who are far too young, who have worked so hard and have so much potential. When that happens, suddenly everything is different - an unexpected change of seasons.

Unfortunately, I think that many fans have experienced loss in their own lives, and I hope we take our collective grief over EunBi and RiSe as seriously as we take our private grief. In other words, it’s okay to be sad, whether you were a fan or not, and it’s good to recognize that others may be really sad, too. It’s also good to try and figure out what this event means to you, and to all of us. Here are a few especially thoughtful examples:

I’ve also really appreciated seeing the outpouring of sympathy and support from kpop’s sub-fandoms for Lavelies, the Ladies’ Code members, and the families of EunBi and RiSe. So many tweets and posts express admiration for EunBi and RiSe’s contributions to the world as entertainers and as friends to their members. Fans’ gifsets and edits and other creative forms pay homage to EunBi and RiSe’s close friendship. And in tribute to EunBi’s ambitions, Korean netizens made Ladies’ Code’s I’m Fine Thank You top the charts this week. (As for me, I can’t think of a more appropriate occasion to bring this back.) Even as we fervently hope that this kind of tragedy - the loss of a young person - never happens again, we know that it will, whether on a highway near Incheon or on a street in Ferguson, Missouri. And now we know how it feels, and we know how to reach out to members of our communities and support each other in times of loss.

The air is chilly and crisp tonight, a reminder that winter, in its plodding inevitability, isn’t that far off. As the seasons change, I’ll pull a coat around my shoulders and pull my family and friends (both online and offline) a little closer. Just in case I don’t get to say it later, each of you matter to me. EunBi and RiSe matter to us, and they won’t be forgotten. Pass it on.

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Recently, Ladies’ Code has been through a terrible series of events. I want to show them that they have support of fans and non-fans alike and that we will always be by their side…all five of them. So, I decided to start this project. 

I will be creating a hardcover book that will contain just memories of all five ladies. It will include edits of the five girls, but it will mostly include fan messages. If I can find a translator to work along side me, all the messages will be translated into Korean so that they can read it without too much hassle. I’d be willing to pay a translator as well depending on the cost.

I will post a PDF of the book online, so, that everyone can look at it once it’s done.

If you’d like to contribute an edit/donation, please either leave it in the questions/concerns section or send me a message on tumblr. Donations are not necessary but appreciated as I will pay for the book myself as my last gift towards the girls. My blog is lavelyladies. :) Thank you.

The deadline for this project is September 21st, but there may be an extension. I’d like this book to be sent out at the beginning of October.

If you’d like to leave a message, please go to the google form (it’s neater for me to deal with) HERE.

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Heaven now has two beautiful angels. Rest peacefully together, RiSe & EunB. You will be missed.

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Rest in Peace Go Eunbi



For those that don’t know, Ladies’ Code Go Eunbi/”EunB”, has passed away from a major car accident today.

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haruok | DO NOT EDIT.

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joy’s aegyo only works on irene 

#굿모닝 잠이안왕~.~

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