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also to add to that Bangtan got a full album before Glam

Topp Dogg just released a new song but where is EvoL

and bangtan is singing about stalking girls??? while glam was all about happiness and kissing other girls and breakdancing and having weird colorful haircuts???? topp dogg is…what is topp dogg doing anyway??? where is evol???????? they wore camouflage and lit tanks on fire and shit why are we not seeing more of these women

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SISTAR for Esquire Magazine (September 2014)

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Just another episode of The Show News ..👭

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Hey there Younha fans!

Younha is currently making plans for her first ever international tour, and she needs your help! Through a partnership with MyMusicTaste, Younha has left it up to the fans to decide the stops on her tour for her. If you’ve ever wanted to watch Younha live (and let’s be honest, who hasn’t?), make a request on her tour map for her to stop in your city!

Let’s help make Younha’s international tour a success!

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UEE getting teased by maknae Kaeun while answering a blind item XD

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Didn’t feel like making a gifset, so I made a bunch of reaction gifs instead.

cr. younhacast for the video

infinite’s back mv teaser; sceneries

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